Access Control Systems and Electronic Door Locks in Liverpool

Customised Access Control Systems

In the modern age, many businesses and even homes choose to look to electronic door and access systems to improve security and to control access to their premises. For a business, card access systems can control the amount of foot traffic in their premises, particularly to sensitive or restricted areas. Campbell & McGovern Locksmiths have extensive experience in providing and installing electronic door locks in Liverpool and the Wirral, and can help you identify which system best suits your needs. With a variety of solutions to suit requirements and budget, our systems feature cutting edge technology to provide you with control and peace of mind. Our systems are also suitable for schools or nurseries, where security door locks and access are of paramount importance.
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Modern Door Entry Systems in Liverpool

One of the most popular – and cost effective – modern access systems is based on electronic keypads. By installing this modern door entry system in your Liverpool business, school, or other premises, you are ensuring a high level of security when needed. With access granted by use of a pin number, you can restrict who has access to entire buildings or selected areas. These systems can be integrated with other features such as electronic door closers, magnets, electric strikes, and more, and you can also add other features such as ‘press to exit’ buttons, exit sensors, and ‘break glass’ units. Campbell & McGovern Locksmiths only stock top brands such as Paxton, Videx, ACT, Siemens and Bell Systems, and we have installed systems in schools, businesses, and other premises across Liverpool and the Wirral.

Safe and Dependable Electronic Door Locks

With many different electronic systems on the market, it is important to choose the right one for your business or organisation. Our team of experts will discuss all your needs and identify which systems would best suit your requirements. All our systems meet building requirements and safety standards, and can be customised to be a single station or a multi-point system in an apartment block. Whatever your access control needs in Liverpool call us today on 0151 922 4085 (Liverpool) or 0151 203 5987 (Wirral).

A new revolution in door entry technology

Created by Mul-T-Lock (Assa Abloy), Smartair is a revolutionary wire-free system that taking the industry by storm! Smartair bypasses the need for complicated electrical work. As it is a battery powered, standalone handle unit that fits directly onto the handle of a door, Smartair can be attached to many different varieties of deadlocks and night latches. The lithium batteries last for generally 30,000 uses. With a Smartair system, you can cheaply and easily upgrade the security of any door! This product is highly recommended for schools, medical facilities, as well as a range of businesses.

Easy access with our RFID systems

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is quite simply the last word in door entry management systems. These systems automatically allow approved persons to gain access to a room simply by verifying an RFID card carried in their pocket, in their purse or wallet or around their neck. This gives you a simple way to control who can access your property.

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