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CCTV Systems for Peace of Mind

They say prevention is better than cure, and this is never truer than when it comes to home or business security. With property crime on the rise throughout the UK, what better time to take those extra steps to protect your residential or commercial premises? Recent figures stated that 95% of burglaries and robberies across the UK are not being solved. A panel of former burglars stated that CCTV is the most effective deterrent to a house or business being targeted. We offer a wide range of affordable CCTV cameras across Liverpool and the Wirral. Our experts will discuss your needs, identify the best system, and carry out a professional CCTV installation for you. This means you can constantly monitor and protect and your premises. Even if you have never been a victim of crime in the past and you think you’re one of the lucky ones, good luck doesn’t last forever. If you have something of value, in your home or business, our Liverpool CCTV systems are a sure-fire way to deter unauthorised entry.

CCTV Cameras and Installation in Liverpool

Campbell & McGovern Locksmiths can provide a variety of CCTV solutions to protect your home or business. With more than 35 years’ experience, we offer a professional and friendly service to suit your budget. We can advise on which system suits your needs best, from dome, bullet, or PTZ, through to caged or hidden cameras, all our systems provide high definition images, a minimum 2.3-megapixel lens, and also night vision. Audio recording can also be added to your system, and we can set up your CCTV system in Liverpool so that you can monitor it via your tablet or smartphone. Call us today to find out more. As previously mentioned, CCTV systems serve as a major deterrent to potential intruders and generally speaking, the mere sight of a CCTV camera would give them reason to think twice and perhaps have a look elsewhere. If you have commercial premises in Liverpool, where people come and go over the course of the working day a CCTV system can also be beneficial. Not just in terms of potential thefts and unauthorised access but also to carefully examine the validity of any accident claims that may have occurred on your premises that your company may be potentially liable for.

CCTV Cameras Prevent Crime

Saying that CCTV systems prevent crimes is not a theory, it is proven fact, backed by the statistics time and time again. Not only do they prevent crime in a majority of cases, but if a burglary – or attempted burglary – occurs at your premises, then footage provides crucial evidence for the police and courts to identify, arrest, and convict offenders. Campbell & McGovern Locksmiths are the leading providers and installers of CCTVin Liverpool and the Wirral. Security cameras can also aid business owners in improving efficiency, productivity, safety, and security within the workplace. Call us today on 0151 922 4085 (Liverpool) and 0151 203 5987 (Wirral).

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