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Campbell & McGovern are proud to offer an array of security solutions for domestic and commercial properties, protecting your family, employees and valuables. Invest in CCTV systems or home security cameras today for your Liverpool residence, complete with installation. Contact us at your convenience to learn more about our trusted local service.

The unpredictability of crime means that you could be targeted at any time and on any day, with sophisticated criminals finding increasingly advanced ways to acquire sensitive information, attempt to access your safe or gain entry to your premises. This makes it more important than ever to safeguard the surroundings, with a reliable CCTV system able to monitor activity around the clock. With figures suggesting that 95% of burglaries and robberies across the UK are not being solved, a security camera will not only help to identify perpetrators, but deter them from committing criminal acts in the first place.

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CCTV, Spy Camera And Blink Camera Installation

The appearance of home security cameras outside of a property will likely act as effective discouragement for potential criminals, with these advanced monitoring devices just as handy for your Liverpool commercial premises. Paired with other personalised security solutions such as access control systems and sturdy aluminium door locks, a CCTV setup can function in other ways than simply identifying crimes and suspicious behaviour. A monitoring system may be useful for overseeing the validity of accident claims on your premises, clarifying the circumstances of an incident that your company would be potentially liable for.

Alongside conventional security cameras, we can provide a variety of CCTV solutions to protect your home or business, including spy camera and blink camera installation. Our loyal customers have been benefiting from advanced home protection for over 35 years, and we can find an effective solution to fit your budget. By keeping up to date with the latest security technology, we can advise on which system suits your needs best, from dome, bullet, or PTZ, through to caged cameras if necessary. All of our systems provide high definition images, a minimum 2.3-megapixel lens, and night vision capabilities, with audio recording and smartphone viewing capabilities as additional options. Our services span Formby, St Helens, Ellesmere Port and many other locations surrounding Liverpool.

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Saying that CCTV systems prevent crimes is not a theory, it is a proven fact, backed by the statistics time and time again. Not only do they prevent crime in a majority of cases, but if a burglary – or attempted burglary – occurs at your premises, then footage provides crucial evidence for the police and courts to identify, arrest, and convict offenders. Campbell & McGovern Locksmiths are the leading providers and installers of CCTV in Liverpool and the Wirral. Security cameras can also aid business owners in improving efficiency, productivity, safety, and security within the workplace. Call us today on 0151 922 4085 (Liverpool) and 0151 203 5987 (Wirral).

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