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Deter criminals and protect your home or business

Burglary and crimes against property are on the rise throughout the UK. The statistics say it all: 95% of burglars are never apprehended by the authorities and 90% of offenders are not caught on camera. However, installing CCTV cameras will make a would-be intruder 85% more likely to walk away from your property. Campbell & McGovern Locksmiths in Bootle can supply and install a range of affordable and easy to operate video surveillance systems on your property. Our security cameras are suitable for both residential and commercial properties and can provide constant monitoring to give you real peace of mind.

We supply security cameras for all situations

If you are concerned about the security of your property, Campbell & McGovern Locksmiths have the solutions to help you protect your home or business. From our headquarters in Bootle, we can supply and install security cameras throughout Merseyside. Our expert team offer you a professional and friendly service and can recommend, design and install a CCTV system that will ensure a high level of protection for properties of any size. You can choose from dome, bullet, PTZ, caged or hidden cameras. All of our cameras record full high definition footage and are equipped with night vision, as well as a minimum 2.3 megapixel lens. We can incorporate audio recording capabilities if necessary and you can maintain a close watch over your property by integrating your CCTV cameras with your tablet or smartphone.

Stop criminals in their tracks

CCTV cameras are now widely used throughout the UK and their effectiveness in preventing crime has been proven time and again. CCTV cameras not only deter criminals from breaking into your property – in the event of an incident they can also provide the authorities with evidence that can be crucial in identifying offenders and securing a conviction. Additionally, CCTV cameras can provide business owners with useful data to assist in improving workplace efficiency, productivity and safety.

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