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Keep your important documents and valuable belongings totally secure at all times with our great range of security safes. Campbell & McGovern Locksmiths in Bootle stock top quality, highly durable freestanding safes and underfloor safes from the most respected manufacturers in the industry. You can choose from a selection of the very latest safes from industry leading safemakers such as Dudley, Churchill, Phoenix and Securikey.

Durable Dudley freestanding safes

Dudley is one the most popular manufacturers of freestanding safes. Their highly robust products can be installed in your concrete flooring or wooden joists. Dudley safes are perfect for your home or business as they are small enough to be easily concealed yet large enough to secure your valuables, money or important documents. Cash cover ratings begin at £2000 and go up to £100,000. Jewellery cover ratings range from £20,000 to £1,000,000.

Discreet security with Churchill underfloor safes

As the biggest manufacturer of underfloor safes in the UK, Churchill offer you a wide range of products. Churchill’s underfloor safes are installed underground flush with your flooring and encased in concrete. This provides both a discreet and highly effective way of keeping your valuables completely secure. Campbell & McGovern Locksmiths in Bootle, Merseyside, stock both floor safes and deposit tube underfloor safes with round or square doors. Churchill safes have cash ratings from £3,000 up to £35.000 and come equipped with key locks, digital locks or dial locks.

Fire resistant Phoenix safes

Phoenix security safes provide exemplary protection for all your paper documents or computer data. Specialising in fireproof safes, Phoenix vigorously test each one of their products. Phoenix safes can last an impressive 60 to 120 minutes in the heat of an intense fire. Considering that the average response time of the fire services is 6 minutes and 45 seconds, this is more than enough time to ensure your documents and data survive intact.

Superior security with our Securikey safes

Renowned as a manufacturer of superior quality safes, Securikey offers home and business owners effective and reliable safes suitable for various environments. All Securikey safes are cash rated and assessed on their ability to withstand forced entry attacks. These safes are perfect for storing all types of valuables, documents, money, jewellery or even larger items such as power tools or specialised equipment.

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